Short and Spooky Halloween Tale

"Lock up well when we leave," her parents said.

"I will," she promised. She couldn't wait until they left--the house would be all hers!

Her parents walked out the door. She carefully locked up behind them, then checked all other window and door locks. She pulled the curtains closed and sat in her favorite chair to read. When it got late, she stood up, stretched, checked all the locks again and turned out the lights.

Then she went upstairs, checked the window locks to be sure they were
secure and pulled the curtains shut. She went into her bedroom, checked the window latches one more time, twitched the curtains tightly together, undressed and put on her nightgown.

She turned down the bedcovers, closed and locked her bedroom door, and
turned out the light.

It was just as she pulled the covers over her that she heard a voice say,

"Oh good. Now no one else can get in."

We're all alone."