Jack’s Hunting Trip

Jack decided one day that he’d just up and go a-huntin’. He got his trusty gun, his powder and shot and his gamebag, and off he went. 

Had a fine day, filled his gamebag full before lunch. Then he sat down to eat on his favorite rock. Had a bag of peaches, ate them all, throwing the pits on the ground. Looked up and saw the biggest buck deer he’d ever clapped eyes on. 

Went to shoot it, but had no more shot, just powder was all. Picked up some peach pits and used them in place of the shot, rammed ‘em down his barrel, took aim and fired. Peach pits bounced all over the deer but he just shook his head and run off. Jack went home told everyone about that big buck but didn’t no one believe him, cuz Jack was always makin’ up stories like that. 

Went back the next year, sat on his favorite rock to eat and saw a tree just full of peaches right in front of him. Jack disremembered any such tree bein’ there but he loved peaches so he was right glad to see it. Climbed up in its branches and commenced to pickin’ peaches and puttin’ ‘em in his gamebag. All of a sudden that tree stood up! 

Jack realized what had happened was one of them peach pits he’d fired at the buck last year had lodged between the deer’s antlers and took root and was a-growin’ right there. That buck realized something was wrong and shook his head, hard. Jack went a-flyin’ off down the side of the mountain. But you know, he never dropped a one of those peaches in his gamebag. Took ‘em on home, and that night his mama made peach cobbler for dinner. 

Last I heard, Jack and his mama were still eatin’ peaches and still doin’ right well.